Welcome to the Jerry The Mathlete Wikia

Welcome To The Mathlete Nation!

Welcome To The Mathlete Nation!

Whaddup fam! This is the Official Wiki for Jerry The Mathlete. Here, you can find user-generated articles about everything to do with the Mathlete Nation! This video was officially opened by me and allows anyone to edit it (except the home page, that's mine and all mine, because I think its best).

Who is this "Jerry The Mathlete"?

Jerry The Mathlete is a Gamer, YouTuber, and Twitch Streamer who makes a variety of videos of varying topics, from gameplay to tech tutorials to dank memes. If you like any of the 3 then you really should go and check out the channel. If you are still reading and looking for the link to the channel, then you should click this glowing text here. You could also watch that video to the right of this text, it's pretty convincing. There's also a website he runs called the Mathlete Nation (oh look, more glowing text) that isn't just a personal blog site, there's also helpful text guides and a Tech/Gaming/YouTube growth forums.

"Why would you make a Wiki about yourself? You poor conceited soul..."

Well, firstly and honestly, there's something called PageRank, and it involves how many links to a certain page float around the internet on different sites. The more links around the interwebs linking back to either my site or channel, the higher my content will appear in a Google search. Maybe I'll make a video about PageRank or something like that, idk.

Other than that, this is also why I made a wiki...

Insert Conceited Jerry Here

Perhaps I may obtain a cult following. Perhaps people will write about the many of lore around my channel, if it were to develop. Maybe people will pay more attention to my life than I do and actually write about it. It's only a wild and vivid dream, but there's nothing wrong with that.